Discovering the Bertschi Fund

I’m a new family – what is The Bertschi Fund?

The Bertschi Fund is our school’s top annual fundraising priority and is vital to balancing our annual operating budget. Annual giving impacts every part of our community – academic programming, professional development, technology, the arts, and socioeconomic diversity.

What does my gift support?

Gifts support the people, educational programs, and campus that make our school truly unique and enduring. Every gift plays a crucial role in helping your child thrive, grow and achieve their potential.

Why is it necessary for me to contribute to The Bertschi Fund in addition to tuition?

Because tuition covers roughly 94% of the school’s annual budget – annual giving provides an additional 6-7% in revenue. Making a contribution to The Bertschi demonstrates the power of generosity and sends the message that our community supports and believes in the mission of the school and the importance of our children’s education.

Who is asked to contribute?

Our goal is to reach 100% family participation each year. On average, approximately 97% of current families contribute to the campaign. In addition to these gifts, we also enjoy 100% participation from faculty & staff and our board of trustees. Alumni families, grandparents, and friends of Bertschi also donate proportionate to their means.

How much am I expected to give?

There isn’t an easy answer to this. Our school is fortunate to have a diverse socioeconomic composition. This means that giving levels will vary for each family. For guidelines, we have established some giving levels. Each family should determine a gift based on their personal financial situation and charitable priorities. For some families, these amounts will be a stretch, so we ask that you give what you are able to give.

Do I have to write a check right now?  What is the deadline for contributions?

First, you do not have to write a check this minute. Families can make a pledge to the Bertschi Fund, and then make payments on that pledge throughout the year. The Advancement Office will send pledge reminders; in addition, credit cards may be used to make gifts.

Can I give stock or securities for my gift?

Absolutely – this is often a very attractive way for families to make a gift and receive additional tax benefits. A gift of appreciated stock allows the donor to receive the fair market value of the securities at the time the gift is made, thus avoiding capital gains tax on the appreciated value.

I think my employer has a corporate matching program – what does that mean?

To determine if your employer offers a matching program, contact the Human Resources office.  In the Seattle area, many companies will match charitable gifts made by their employees, which can double or triple the size of your contribution to Bertschi. Local companies with matching programs include Adobe, Amgen, Boeing, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, Microsoft, Starbucks, US Bank, and many others. Simply provide your employer’s matching gift form to the Advancement Office, and we can take it from there.

Why does the school ask for pledges and gifts to be received by Dec. 31st?

Our school budget for the upcoming year is determined in January. Receiving Bertschi Fund gifts and pledges by Dec. 31 allows us to predict next year’s totals with confidence and set the budget accordingly. The campaign kicks off on September 23 – our mission is 100% participation in 100 days!