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World Peace Game

Invented by teacher and musician John Hunter, the World Peace Game engages our 5th graders in solving global crises through decision-making, negotiations, and collaboration.

“I learned many lessons from playing the game, but in reality, I didn’t learn these lessons – I experienced them.” Kate M., ‘14

Seattle History

This 3rd grade project takes students and teachers on a journey of discovery about events that helped make Seattle the city it is today. Through oral, reading and writing experiences, studying our history enhances emotional, imaginative and aesthetic development – while connecting our students to this wonderful city we live in.


The Bertschi library proudly circulates over 8,700 books each year. Our use of the Metis classification system allows young readers to find books by concepts, subjects and genres. This independence builds literacy skills and helps our kids discover and explore their passions with confidence.

Student Council

Student Council develops big ideas for Bertschi students and allows them to take action as role models in our community. These leaders create themes for spirit days, emcee our All-School meeting, and research exciting new projects around the campus.