Play with it awhile. Look at it upside down. Listen to your gut. It’s fun to solve problems and see things the way only you can.


Dare to be wrong. Try new things. Use your voice to express your ideas and questions. Today is your day to explore your world.


Know how you feel. Listen to your friends' feelings. With empathy, we can value differences and be kind to each other.

It’s a way of being that stays with our students long after school’s out. Long past graduation, too. Bertschi kids thrive at becoming independent individuals who share and participate in community. Their stature may be small, but their ideas are monumental.
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Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year

Get to know us and learn about the people who make up our community... more>>

Looking for your next school?

Fall is admission season! Get to know Bertschi at our Open House or on a daytime parent tour... more>>

Tell us why you love Bertschi using #iloveBertschi on social media

The Bertschi Community is sharing its stories of why we love Bertschi by using magnetic poetry... more>>

Design Thinking

Here at Bertschi we have buddy groups across grades, and this year the 2nd graders have a special gift to the 5th graders... more >>

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